Flash Dog Training is Denver, Colorado and Redmond, Oregon's premier dog training service offering behavioral transformations daily! Whether you live in Oregon or Colorado, the goal is the same; to enjoy the lifestyle that these two beautiful states have to offer with your best friend. If you want a well behaved dog on the trails that comes back every time you call, or a dog that can settle calmly at a brewery or restaurant, we’ve got you covered! If your dog has serious issues, look no further. Both Denver and Redmond Head Trainer’s specialize in severe behavioral issues and will help your dog make a transformation that will forever change your lives together. Check out our before and after videos below and click here to meet your trainers!

Flash Dog Training offers customized training packages to meet all of your dog training goals. We are dog behavior experts that specialize in aggression, fearfulness, separation anxiety, resource guarding and advanced obedience training.

We can help you overcome typical nuisance behaviors like jumping up, digging, leash pulling, barking, door bolting, or counter surfing. We can help whether you are seeking basic obedience training, more complex training such as off-leash recall or resolving leash reactivity. If your dog has bitten a person or another dog do not worry, there is hope! No matter the age or breed, or how many years you have been struggling, WE CAN HELP YOUR DOG!

Here at Flash, we adore puppies and have the most comprehensive puppy imprinting programs in Colorado and Oregon! Check out our puppy page to get your new BFF started off on the right track!

Tom, Atlas, Mudd and Zarah practice their obedience training by posing on the place command during an off-leash hike.

Tom, Atlas, Mudd and Zarah practice their obedience training by posing on the place command during an off-leash hike.

We specialize in off-leash reliability using modern E-collar training. What a game changing tool! After going through our training program, your dog will recall back to you from distractions such as chasing a squirrel, or playing with other dogs, all while using levels that you would hardly be able to feel! Modern E-collar training is NOT to be confused with archaic shock collar training. Check out more about this life saving, incredible tool here!

Please visit our Training Philosophy page to further understand our tools and how we use them, along with our training style. If you have been to other trainers who have said said your dog is beyond help, please reach out to us. We have seen it all and there is always something that can be done to help the dog. If you think we are an ideal fit for you, please fill out our Client Questionnaire and we will contact you within 24 hours. We cannot wait to help you create the trained, happy dog you have always dreamed of!

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