E collar training has tremendously helped strengthen my bond with Kiana...

Kiana and I had spent 30 weeks in dog training classes, hoping that with time we could work on her leash aggression, nervousness, and protectiveness around stranger dogs and humans. It got to a point where I dreaded going on walks around the park or on hikes with her because her reactivity was out of control and it wasn’t getting any better. After doing extensive research online I stumbled upon Flash Dog Training and read some of the reviews of other dog parents who had the same issues I was having. I finally reached out to Kerry and Bre at Flash Dog Training to see if they could help us and committed to a 4 week Board and Train.

Not going to lie, at first I was slightly skeptical, but also desperate. I had tried for 8 months to work on her reactivity and nothing had worked, so what could they really do in 4 weeks? Turns out 4 weeks at Flash Dog Training made a WORLD of a difference. 


E-collar training has tremendously helped strengthen my bond with Kiana. She now trusts me to be in control and have her back, so she doesn’t feel the need to take control of the situation herself. It’s been an incredible tool that has enabled me to communicate with Kiana in a way that that she understands. We have been able to have an absolute blast off AND on leash on trails and around parks and ensure that we and everyone around us is safe. I can’t thank Kerry and Bre at Flash Dog Training enough for helping us through this and I will be forever grateful!

Zahra gained so much freedom through her e-collar training, and I gained a sense of safety and control over my dog...

Zahra and I were referred to Kerry from another trainer in town who told us she was THE expert in e-collar training. At the time, while I was head over heels in love with my adorable new border collie puppy, I was also losing my mind trying to manage her incessant energy on my own. While I consider myself a pretty active person, Zahra came in to the world like a lightning bolt of nonstop energy and engagement. She was whip-smart and ready to learn/play/work ALL DAY LONG - and then some. I knew that I needed to find a way to combine Zahra's exercise with mine if I was going to continue managing my busy work schedule and her needs, so I wanted to take us both on long hikes every week. Fortunately we live in gorgeous Colorado, so the mountains are literally our playground!

Last year I enrolled Zahra in Kerry's 3-week e-collar board and train program while I was traveling over the holidays, and I honestly am not sure I've ever spent better money. Zahra gained SO much freedom through her e-collar training, and I gained a sense of safety and control over my dog. Today, when she sees me pull our her e-collar, she starts leaping with excitement because she knows it means that we're going outside on some kind of adventure, and usually one that involves her getting to run at top speed to her little heart's content. Watching Zahra run and leap in the mountains is one of the most beautiful things I've seen. She's like a blur of white fur - practically flying and barely touching the ground! 

I Iive in a VERY busy part of Denver, but with her e-collar on I can also let her off-leash in the middle of a nearby city park, and have full confidence that she is safe to play Frisbee with me without EVER running towards cars or other dogs. She just gets it. It's amazing. I can’t even feel her recall level on the e-collar! We do this a few times a week when things are busy and we can't make it to the mountains. 


Kerry also installed a much-needed 'off' switch in Zahra - and my favorite of all commands, "Place!" I can't even say enough about how much this changed our lives. Having the ability to tell Z to calmly stay in place while I have guests over, or need to work, is amazing. She also helped Z learn to LOVE going into her kennel, where she can also rest and turn off. Z screamed in her kennel for the first 2 months of her life so again, I can't express how much relief it brought us both for this to stop being such a challenge.

Finally, Kerry helped me learn a ton about feeding Z a raw diet - and we're now forever fans. Several vets were unable to fix Zahra's sensitive tummy issues and 2 AM diarrhea episodes - once we had her on a the raw diet recommended by Kerry, her fur got shinier, she started liking eating, and she hasn't has ANY tummy troubles since!

Kerry will forever be family to me and Zahra and I'm so grateful to call her a friend as well as an incredible resource.

Jen K.

Denver, Colorado

I can now take Atlas on trails off leash and feel a sense of relief instead of stress...

I reached out to Flash Dog Training after countless failed adventures where Atlas ignored all commands and got himself into trouble by going face to face with unknown leashed dogs while I was giving him the freedom to be off leash. Atlas used to practice selective hearing, somedays he listened and other days it felt as if he didn't even know his own name. We had been working on recall primarily and had been approaching it all wrong. Nothing I tried worked. I would give him freedom he hadn't earned which almost always resulted in me leaving each adventure in tears or feeling frustration toward Atlas. He also had issues of over excitement when greeting new dogs and would relentlessly push himself into their space. 


With Kerry and Bre's help through the introduction of balanced training and use of both a prong collar and e-collar, Atlas is able to properly greet new dogs, understand personal space and come when called away from ANY distraction. I can now take Atlas on trails off leash and feel a sense of relief instead of stress. The communication we have established feels more freeing than anything in the world. Sending Atlas to the three week board and train program was the best decision I have ever made for the wellbeing of Atlas and I's relationship. If you are seeking professional training or at a loss of where to turn to next, call Flash Dog Training. They are guaranteed to have a solution that works for you and your dog! 

Tiler Grossman 

Denver, CO 

With the tools that Kerry gave us, we now take her out and about all the time with the confidence that we are in control…


Our experience with Flash Dog Training has completely changed our lives. Up until Pepper went through 4 weeks of board and train with Kerry, we had lost hope in fixing some of her behavioral issues and we were actually changing our lives to cater to her instability. We were no longer going on hikes, taking her out in public, etc. because she simply could not handle herself around strangers, dogs, or people riding bicycles. Leading up to our decision to contact Kerry, we had tried extensive positive reinforcement training as well as rounds of different medications and nothing was working. After using balanced training with Kerry, it became clear to us that Pepper needed stronger leaders to guide her through life and the tools Kerry gave us enabled us to be that for her. We were finally able to effectively communicate with Pepper in a way where she actually listened to us as opposed to taking matters into her own hands. 

Before Pepper’s board and train, the sight of a person riding a bicycle would cause her to completely shut down. She was so fearful that she would go into hiding and not even her favorite toys or the most delicious food could bring her out. While this issue is so severe that it will always be a work in progress, she can finally see a bike pass by with little to no reaction! Pepper’s extreme excitement and demanding attitude when seeing another dog used to be so uncontrollable that we would avoid hiking and taking her out into public. Now she can walk by other dogs (even ones that are reacting to her) will little to no reaction. Her fear of strangers has always been an issue for us because her reactions were so unpredictable that we wouldn’t dare take her out in public with the fear that she could react and we wouldn’t have any control of the situation. With the tools that Kerry gave us, we now take her out and about all the time with the confidence that we are in control. We are now finally able to proactively work on socializing Pepper with strangers without the fear that something could go terribly wrong.

All in all, Pepper’s training with Kerry has been worth every penny. Our only regret is that we wish we would have gone to her sooner. 

Janna and Ben

Erie, Colorado

Since the training she has listened better...

I called Kerry at Flash Dog Training because I felt I had tried everything with my Australian Shepherd, and nothing was working. Nell's behavior was going from bad to worse, and I didn’t know what to do. Not only was her leash reactivity out of control towards other dogs, but she exhibited other aggressive behavior towards people and dogs (especially ones on TV in our home). This was a very big issue for me, as we spend a lot of time hiking on busy trails here in Colorado.

After meeting with Kerry, I committed to the 3 week board and train program and I couldn’t be happier that I did. Kerry taught Nell how to be more confident as a dog, how to work with the e-collar, and most importantly that she can socialize and even play with other dogs. She has also taught me how to be a better leader and owner for my dog. I can tell now that Nell looks to me for guidance and direction, rather than feeling like she has to defend herself against perceived threats because of her lack of confidence in me. Since Nell has come back into my home, she has been a better listener, more confident, and exceptionally well behaved on every hike with other dogs I have taken her on. If you considering help for you and your dog, don’t hesitate to call Flash Dog Training…you will not regret it.

Ashley LaMonthe

Denver, CO


Kerry taught her commands that helped Maggie calm down...


We got Maggie as a puppy from the SPCA. A few weeks later, I found out I was pregnant! Maggie is definitely a quirky dog. In our first few months with her, she was aggressive, hyperactive, and demanding. But, Maggie also had a sweet and loving side. As my belly got bigger, we got more and more nervous that Maggie would not cope well with a baby in the house. We decided to work with Kerry, to see if she could help!! Maggie did 1 on 1 training in our house with Kerry, as well as a three-week intensive sleep-away camp training. Kerry taught her commands that helped Maggie calm down. She also taught my husband and I how to continue the commands and how to interact with Maggie. Kerry was with us the day Maggie met her new baby brother. We are happy to say that Maggie is now the best, most well behaved big sister!!!

Now we can all enjoy time with Ben...


We are extremely happy that we were able to train with Kerry as our instructor! After training with Kerry, we became sure that everyone in the family including Ben, our Cock-a-poo, would live together with satisfaction. Before training, Ben would bark continuously at people out of fear, especially towards men. However, after learning a command called "place", he started to calm down and would be able to stay without feeling overwhelmed. During walks, we would use commands such as "sit" or "heel" to keep him occupied when walking by pedestrians. While occupied, he would not bark or lunge at people walking by, and the commands also work when he spots squirrels. 

We as owners were also trained as well. We learned that each dogs need a different way of approaching and conquering training. We learned that for Ben, who would get overwhelmed by the fear of strangers, it is important to calm him down by letting him know that he is managed and safe. 

We were also advised to slim Ben down a bit since he was losing the contour of his belly like dogs his kind were supposed to have and he would be too full to receive treats. His fullness connected to his obedience using treats; He would not listen to our commands when using treats because he did not want the treats. We started a raw meat diet for him, which was one of the few suggestions Kerry had given us, and we saw a difference after about a week. His running seemed to be lighter than before and his body's proper shape could be seen. He would also be hungry enough to want the treats we give him, which made training much easier.

Again, we are extremely grateful to Kerry and her guidance. Now we can all enjoy time with Ben while Ben himself is feeling good.

Thank you,

The Yoshidas

Panda is the perfect dog when out and about now...



I just want you to know how much I appreciated all that you did for me and my three wonderful dogs for the last two years!  Thanks to you, Panda is the perfect dog when out and about now.  She is totally manageable and so much more tolerant when around other dogs.   Cash is still a perfect dog as a result of your skilled training.  My son, Antonio, now gets to swing and ride on all his toys with wheels without being charged at!  Mikey, the monster, is still a work in progress since you left US for Colorado.  LOL  But he is a very different dog then when we first brought him home, thanks to you! The tools and the knowledge that you shared with me was instrumental in my having a happy family.  I continue to use the knowledge; you shared with me, on a daily basis.  

We miss you and wish you well in your new business.  I have no doubt that you will be very successful as you are extremely personable and have an innate ability with animals.  You are the best trainer I have ever known, and believe me I have known many.

Thanks so much,

Kristen Testa

We now feel more comfortable with him around us and others...

We just want to thank Kerry for transforming our dog from a disobedient, angry dog to a really great pet. 

Our Shiba Inu, Austin, is a tough breed who is very set in his ways and tough to train. Not only was he tough to train the basics to but he had a food aggression issue. He would lunge and snap at us after he was done eating; we couldn't go near him, look at him or even walk by him when we gave him a treat, he would either drop it and snap at us or eat it and then snap at us. It became very stressful because he was such a good and loving dog otherwise but we were scared and had no idea how to fix it. We did tons of research and couldn't find much help, until we found Kerry.

After 3 weeks with Kerry and three sessions with us that lasted over two hours each, we now have the best puppy we could ask for. With the e collar training we aren't afraid of him anymore. With just a few taps he learned that aggressive behavior isn't tolerated and he hasn't been aggressive since. He's a new dog. We now feel more comfortable with him around us and others. Not only did the remote collar training help with his food aggression, but it taught him basic obedience as well. We can take him for walks now without him pulling on the leash and we can put him in his crate without him getting mad. He really pays attention to us now and is calmer, realizing we are his source for food and happiness. You have to be committed to listening to Kerry and her advice and as long as you do what she tells you, you will be very happy with the results.

Thanks again Kerry. Your remote collar training is life changing, not only for the dog but for the owners.

Jess and Tom

austin-Shiba Inu-training.jpg

We are getting so much out of him as he is both smart and well trained...

Our first Bernese Mountain Dog, Macduff, was a wonderful gentle giant from a puppy onwards. We thought that we knew the breed but when we got our new puppy, MacLeod - wow!! We realized that we did not. He stole anything that he could, surfed the counters, ate socks, chewed his way out of his wooden pen - three times! and just generally misbehaved. He was clearly very smart but would not obey any commands and simply pleased himself. We decided to send him to boot camp and turned to Kerry for help.When we got him back after three weeks he was much calmer and Kerry took us through the training and what to now expect of the dog. He would consistently obey basic commands, especially the most important one of all "Come!!" However he continued to be an opportunist thief and steal socks, dishcloths and absolutely anything edible that he could find when we were not looking.Kerry came to our home for a second training session but rather than do that we sat and talked about his behavior and the fact that we had to clean up virtually every morning as his food was clearly not agreeing with him.

Kerry recommended an electronic educator to correct his behaviour and suggested that we put him on a raw diet. She trained us and him with the new collar and showed us that it does not cause any pain to the dog, almost immediately his behaviour began to improve. Over the course of three months we have had to use this less and less and are at a point now where we don't even have his collar on but just show him the handset and we have his attention.

The raw food diet has worked wonders. His stool has been solid for several months and there have been no more clean ups required.

So here he is at 10 months old, a lovely adorable animal. We are getting so much out of him as he is both smart and well trained.

Many thanks Kerry we are now so enjoying our puppy - we would never have got here without you!!

John & Linda Sievwright

Greenwich, Connecticut