We now feel more comfortable with him around us and others...

We just want to thank Kerry for transforming our dog from a disobedient, angry dog to a really great pet. 

Our Shiba Inu, Austin, is a tough breed who is very set in his ways and tough to train. Not only was he tough to train the basics to but he had a food aggression issue. He would lunge and snap at us after he was done eating; we couldn't go near him, look at him or even walk by him when we gave him a treat, he would either drop it and snap at us or eat it and then snap at us. It became very stressful because he was such a good and loving dog otherwise but we were scared and had no idea how to fix it. We did tons of research and couldn't find much help, until we found Kerry.

After 3 weeks with Kerry and three sessions with us that lasted over two hours each, we now have the best puppy we could ask for. With the e collar training we aren't afraid of him anymore. With just a few taps he learned that aggressive behavior isn't tolerated and he hasn't been aggressive since. He's a new dog. We now feel more comfortable with him around us and others. Not only did the remote collar training help with his food aggression, but it taught him basic obedience as well. We can take him for walks now without him pulling on the leash and we can put him in his crate without him getting mad. He really pays attention to us now and is calmer, realizing we are his source for food and happiness. You have to be committed to listening to Kerry and her advice and as long as you do what she tells you, you will be very happy with the results.

Thanks again Kerry. Your remote collar training is life changing, not only for the dog but for the owners.

Jess and Tom

austin-Shiba Inu-training.jpg