Colorado Labrador Retriever Dog Training Success Story

Colorado Labrador Retriever Dog Training Success Story

I adopted my lab mix “Maisie” at 8 months old and she came with some challenging behaviors including anxiety and reactivity. Taking Maisie on walks was always anxiety-producing since we live in an urban area with lots of people, dogs, bikes, and small critters. I worked with different trainers and vets over the next 2 years, but was not getting results and felt like I was failing my dog.  

I was a bit hesitant at first of using a balanced training approach due to the stigma around e-collars and prong collars, but it was clear a more intensive approach was needed. My colleague recommended Flash Dog Training, so I decided to pull the trigger and spend the money. This was the best decision I could have made! My dog spent 3 weeks under the incredible care of Ali and her team of trainers. They were not only diligent about teaching Maisie, but also preparing me with the tools and understanding of how to support my dog. I received weekly updates and a training session with my dog half way through the program and then again at the end. I could also get a hold of Ali with any questions or concerns.

We are about 6 months out of the program and Maisie continues to improve. She is still my sweet and playful pup, but seems so much more secure and confident. The work is never done and I know I can always reach out to Ali with any questions or concerns. Thank you, Flash Dog Training, for making a difference in our lives! 100% recommended.


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