Dog Training Services

You simply will not find a more custom-tailored board and train in Bend, Oregon or Denver, Colorado! No chain link kennels here. Your dog is trained in our home. Your pup will spend nights cozy in their crate in the dog room, next to our bedroom.

My unique approach to dog training is geared more towards addressing the primary state of mind of your dog, rather than strictly focusing on creating rehearsed obedience drills. I am much more concerned with creating a safe, calm and balanced dog, than creating a dog that just performs commands on cue.  I can essentially offer you the ultimate "do over" in your relationship with your dog. I can give you a clean slate to work from even if you have months or years of bad habits or frustration. In our Board and Train Program, we are looking to create a state-of-mind shift. Whether your dog is hyper active and out of control, or your dog is fearful and nervous of the world, you will see a drastic difference in how they feel when they leave our program.

Actions come from feelings. We have a saying in dog training, ''It's not the behavior, it's the motivation behind the behavior.'' When a fearful dog feels more confident, they are not going to lash out on leash; the old way of coping with that fearful emotion. When your hyperactive dog now has an "off-switch" and looks to you for information before making their next move; that’s what the board and train program is all about!

If it's lessons you are seeking, our private one-on-one lesson package is sure to bring your relationship with your dog to the next level while instilling the core, basic foundation that all dogs need!


3 Week Board and Train $2300*

Our 3 week Board and Train is our most popular program. There is truly something about a 21 day period to break or create new habits. Many dogs may need more time, but this 3 week program is a fair amount of time to help most dogs. This program is for dogs that struggle with social issues such as fearfulness, nervousness, leash aggression, food guarding, anxiety, dog aggression and for dogs that have bitten people or other animals. It is also for dogs that are in need of advanced obedience training. The program includes:

 Copper is able to be calm on command even around the whole family, thanks to the “Place” command.

Copper is able to be calm on command even around the whole family, thanks to the “Place” command.

  • a 30 minute consultation at drop off

  • 3 full weeks of training and boarding

  • your dog will learn: sit, down, come, place, heel, all on and off-leash

  • socialization at a rate that suits your dog

  • tether training

  • Updates via email and social media

  • the ability to settle in public places like restaurants and breweries

  • Your dog will make a full "state-of-mind" shift while here in training

  • a half-way lesson

  • boarding privileges

  • phone and email support for the life of the dog

  • UNLIMITED follow-up lessons after the program at our location for 6 months 

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2 Week Board and Train $1600

This program is for dogs who do not have any serious state-of-mind issues. No fearfulness, nervousness, aggression, hyperactivity, etc. This program is only for dogs with common nuisance behaviors like: jumping, pulling, counter surfing, door bolting, running away. It is also for happy-go-lucky types that are just in need of off-leash reliability. Dogs must be people and dog social as well as 100% crate trained (no anxiety or trying to break out) to qualify for this program. The program is available on or off-leash and includes:

  • a 30 minute consultation upon drop off

  • 14-days of training and boarding

  • your dog will learn loose leash walking, place command, and recall

  • the ability to settle in public places like restaurants and breweries

  • a half-way lesson

  • tether training

  • a Herm Sprenger prong collar

  • includes 2 follow up lessons to be used within 3 months after the program at our location

  • any nuisance behaviors will be addressed and redirected onto positive, healthy ones

  • full off-leash reliable recall (on e collar only)

  • updates via email and social media

  • boarding privileges

    If you choose to have your dog off-leash trained, an Educator Brand collar runs between $180-$280 depending on the needs of your dog. I may strongly recommend that some behavioral cases MUST use a remote collar for saftey and maximum reliability. 

    Price of program may vary based on the degree of of your dog’s behavioral issues and will be discussed after reviewing our questionnaire during the follow-up phone call. *There is a chance additional weeks may be required at a cost of $600.00-$800 per week (depending on your dog’s training needs) to resolve your dog's behavior issue(s). You will be informed within the first week of your dog's Board and Train, if any additional weeks are needed. Occasionally, dogs require more time if they are really struggling with aggression, anxiety or fear. A non-refundable deposit of $500.00 is required once your dog has been scheduled for Board and Train services. 

In-Home Intensive  $700-$1,100* (Not for dogs with serious behavior issues. Price based on content of program and location)

 Ike and Ozzie no longer charge the door and jump when guests come over!

Ike and Ozzie no longer charge the door and jump when guests come over!

This program is for folks who wish to resolve their dog's common issues in their home environment and have the time to do their dog's repetitive foundation training themselves. I will come to your home and work with you and your dog to custom tailor training assignments to facilitate your dog's success. We will be in constant contact during the two month window where the lessons will be taking place. I will come to your home 4x for a training session lasting 1 1/2 hours each. The final session will take place outside of the home at a park/restaurant/brewery etc. to ensure generalization of your dog's commands and state of mind.

We will greatly be emphasizing on lifestyle and management choices in addition to implementing training techniques and the use of new training tools. How and in what context you feed your dog his meals will be an intricate part of this program as well. You will learn all kinds of awesome living-with-dogs hacks that will maximize your enjoyment with your best friend and take your bond to a whole different level.

(E collar training is available in this program for qualified clients. Please inquire for more details.)

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Basic On-Leash Obedience Program $450 (not for dogs with serious behavior issues)

 mom has full focus from

Do you want to take your hyperactive or crazy leash-pulling dog to a new level of chill?  Do you already have a good foundation with your dog, but are looking for better obedience? Is your dog lacking confidence? My basic obedience program will take your relationship to a new level of connectedness! This program includes:

  • (4) one hour sessions at my home and property

  • I will teach you to teach your dog: sit, down and place with a built-in stay, loose-leash walking and long-line recall

  • a training collar (Herm Sprenger Prong or Starmark)

  • phone/email support during the program