Feeding Calculator

It is important to note that these calculations are a starting point, based on generalized data for the average dog. Dogs are individuals with varying metabolisms and activity levels. Use these calculator tools as a guide, but more importantly, feed the dog in front of you. The best guide to determine how much your dog needs to eat is their body condition and overall health. Different breeds have different body types, but a dog with a healthy body condition should be lean enough to feel their ribs, spine and the top of their hip bones. The skin around these areas should not appear sunken in around the bones, but their bones should be easily felt without layers of fat overtop them. Dogs should have a visible tuck up under their stomach and good muscle coverage.
If a dog’s body condition is not ideal, amount fed should be decreased or increased accordingly and adjusted as needed depending on condition and activity level. Some dogs may need far less food than the average dog their size to maintain a healthy weight while others many need much more food than the average dog their size to maintain a healthy weight. Refer to the following chart to help assess your dog’s body condition.

Feeding Calculator For Puppies

Feeding Calculator For Adult Dogs