The only thing wrong with dogs, is that they don't live long enough.

Feed Raw.

Help your dog live longer,
healthier and happier!

A wholesome diet is the foundation for overall health, and for our carnivorous canines, a diet consisting of fresh, real, quality raw meat provides the best opportunity for optimum health and wellness. From their teeth and jaw structure to their digestive anatomies, dog’s bodies are optimized for consuming raw meat just as their ancestors and close relatives do in the wild each and every day. Dry kibble diets have neglected to prioritize quality and health in exchange for convenience and cheap production costs. As a result, the filler ingredients such as wheat, corn, and by-products and preservatives are causing an array of health issues in our dogs, including allergies, obesity, diabetes, auto-immune diseases, cancers and more. And though some kibble companies add well-sourced protein into their recipes, in order to create a dry product with a long shelf life, these foods are cooked at such high temperatures which causes fragile amino acids, vitamins and minerals to be killed. Ultimately, dogs fed a kibble diet are merely surviving on the synthetic vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants added into the food in order to fulfill a “complete and balanced diet.”

Here at Flash Raw Dog Food, we don’t just want your dogs to survive, we want them to THRIVE! We shouldn’t have to choose between convenience and quality when it comes to caring for our precious companions. Flash Raw Dog Food is excited to offer a wide range of raw food options that allow owners to customize a feeding method that fits their lifestyle without breaking the bank. We offer pre-made and pre-balanced meals that are as easy as thawing and serving as well as various whole parts and fresh ingredients for those who wish to prepare meals by hand at home. No matter how you choose to feed, your dog can reap the benefits of a nutritious species-appropriate diet.

Benefits of Raw Feeding:


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Hood River

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Date to be determined and will be based off when our next shipment of Tefco is received.

Date to be determined and will be based off when our next shipment of Tefco is received. 


We apologize for the long delay on re-adding Hood River and Portland raw drops. We are having a hard time getting products from certain suppliers, but are diligently searching for other affordable products. 


1st stop is the Hood River Walmart from 10am – 10:30am. Located at 2700 Wasco Street Hood River, OR 97031 at the northwest corner of the parking lot near Snap Fitness.

2nd stop is Portland Walmart from 12:30pm – 1:30pm located at 4200 SE 82nd Avenue Portland, Oregon 97266 at the northwest corner of the parking lot near Jack-In-The-Box. 

To place an order, please call 541-527-1421 Tuesday – Saturday, from 1pm – 5pm. We will only be bringing up pre-placed orders. 

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