Enroll in our next round of classes to improve your relationship with your dog in 2023! (Oregon Location Only)

Are you looking to understand your dogs’s behavior better? Would you like your dog to stop pulling on walks or calm down when you tell them to? How about having control when the doorbell rings?


Our group classes are a great way to learn new skills while exposing your dog to a structured and safe social environment.


Flash Dog Training classes aren’t your run-of-the-mill obedience classes; they are truly preparing you and your dog for the challenges that we face with our dogs as owners.


You will leave class knowing you are an advocate for your dog and can help them navigate challenging situations in life. You will feel closer to your dog than ever before and finally feel that you can communicate effectively.


Classes are not for reactive or aggressive cases. If your dog struggles with leash reactivity, aggression to other dogs or people, please complete our Get Started form to hear about our other dog training services.


Oregon Dog Training Class In Bend Oregon

Beyond Basic Obedience: Life Skills for Dogs 5 Week Class (6 months of age and up, not for aggressive or reactive dogs) $495

In this 5 week class you will learn how to teach your dog loose leash walking, sit, place, down, long line recall and turn these fundamentals into useful life skills.


Picture having a dog that doesn’t drag you over to sniff or to see another dog, rather a dog that waits and looks to you for direction! Picture a dog that runs to their bed when the door bell rings rather than going crazy jumping on your guests!


This life skills class will teach you how to live with your dog differently and harness their natural drives to make training fun and easy.


You will learn how to create calm-on-cue behavior, build your dog’s focus and confidence in many scenarios. Want the dog that relaxes at the brewery, instead of whining, pacing or pulling the table? Let’s get you there this summer with the help of this class!

Class Requirements:

Proof of current Rabies and Distemper vaccination. (We don’t require bordatella) A treat pouch for treats or your dog’s kibble. Please DO NOT feed your dog before class.

Equipment Requirements:

  • Please bring a properly fitted nylon martingale collar or slip-lead and a 6’ leather or nylon leash (no flat collar or flexie leashes).

After the first class, Trainer will determine what size of  prong collar you need to purchase for the remainder of the program. 

Start Date To Be Determined - Location: Flash Dog Training 2234 SW 2nd Ct. STE A Redmond, OR 97756, Remaining classes weekly every Sunday


Pup Meets World: 5 Week Class (Puppies 8 weeks-5 months) $495

This is no ordinary puppy class. In our Pup Meets World class you will learn how to harness the skills we teach in the precious Critical Imprinting Period to set your dog up for the ultimate success in life.


Your pup will learn an introduction to their name, sit, down, place, tether and recall, potty and crating schedule.


You will learn the importance of your dog’s unique genetic baseline disposition and how that affects their aptitude for learning and their social strengths or limitations.  You will learn how to create good habits and create patterns that your dog will rely on for life to help them feel safe.


We will teach you the different phases of development your pup will go through and you will have the skills to help them navigate fear periods and any moment of hesitation and prevent separation anxiety.


You will practice realistic life skills teaching your puppy how to prepare for the vet and make those trips as enjoyable as possible, as well as teach your pup proprioceptive skills that will help them learn and retain information more efficiently.


The course will deeply cover the value of appropriate cherry-picked socialization versus high-volume overwhelming socialization scenarios.

Golden Retriever

Class Requirements:

  • At least the first shot of puppy vaccination series.
  • Please do not feed your puppy right before class

Equipment Requirements:

  • Properly fitted nylon martingale collar and a 6’ leather or nylon leash or 6′ slip lead (no flat collars or flexie leashes)
  • A treat pouch
  • Please bring your pup’s meal or treats (meal is preferred)

*After the first class, your Trainer will assess any need for equipment adjustments and make recommendations, such as upgrading to a Starmark collar.

Start Date To Be Determined - Location Flash Dog Training 2234 SW 2nd Ct. STE A Redmond, OR 97756, remaining classes weekly every Sunday

Payment Details:

Full program payment is due the Friday before Sunday’s class starts.

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