Kerry taught her commands that helped Maggie calm down…

We got Maggie as a puppy from the SPCA. A few weeks later, I found out I was pregnant! Maggie is definitely a quirky dog. In our first few months with her, she was aggressive, hyperactive, and demanding. But, Maggie also had a sweet and loving side. As my belly got bigger, we got more and more nervous that Maggie would not cope well with a baby in the house. We decided to work with Kerry, to see if she could help!! Maggie did 1 on 1 training in our house with Kerry, as well as a three-week intensive sleep-away camp training. Kerry taught her commands that helped Maggie calm down. She also taught my husband and I how to continue the commands and how to interact with Maggie. Kerry was with us the day Maggie met her new baby brother. We are happy to say that Maggie is now the best, most well behaved big sister!!!

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