Flash Dog Training is officially mobile!

We will be embarking on many training tours starting from Bend, Oregon with a route to our Colorado location with stops along the way, then we will cover the PNW later this fall.
If you always wanted to work with FDT, but live too far away, check back to see our training tour cities and dates. We will be offering:

E collar Fundamentals Workshop

In this 3 day 10+ hour workshop you will learn the fundamentals to condition your dog to an E collar technologies e collar. Limited to 5 working spots and 5 audit spots. Topics include:
*Workshop is not for dogs with human or dog aggression issues

Cost of the 3-day Workshop is $650 + the cost of the an E Collar for working spots and $250 for auditing spots (no dog)

One-on-One Training Intensive

This service is for dogs struggling with any behavioral issue. I will come to your home or meet you in a park and we will work together for 3 hours a day for three days. We can cover E collar, or not. This is a fully customizable one-on-one service where you will have our undivided attention and be able to pick our brains until your heart’s content. Topics we can discuss could be:

Cost of the 3 day one-on-one Intensive is $1,125 + the cost of an E Collar


Distance Learning, 4 one hour sessions


This program is available to anyone, anywhere in the world! We will FaceTime, one hour at at time for four sessions. We will walk you through how to teach your dog place, recall, loose leash walking and how to mitigate minor behavioral issues. This is also a great option for behavioral consultations, to learn how to more harmoniously live with a dog and to understand how dogs learn. You can pick our brains with any dog training or dog business related topics!

Distance Services Form

Please fill out the questionnaire so we can get started helping your dog! We will contact you in 24 to 72 hours, depending day of the week form is submitted.