Now we can all enjoy time with Ben…

We are extremely happy that we were able to train with Kerry as our instructor! After training with Kerry, we became sure that everyone in the family including Ben, our Cock-a-poo, would live together with satisfaction. Before training, Ben would bark continuously at people out of fear, especially towards men. However, after learning a command called “place”, he started to calm down and would be able to stay without feeling overwhelmed. During walks, we would use commands such as “sit” or “heel” to keep him occupied when walking by pedestrians. While occupied, he would not bark or lunge at people walking by, and the commands also work when he spots squirrels. 

We as owners were also trained as well. We learned that each dogs need a different way of approaching and conquering training. We learned that for Ben, who would get overwhelmed by the fear of strangers, it is important to calm him down by letting him know that he is managed and safe.
We were also advised to slim Ben down a bit since he was losing the contour of his belly like dogs his kind were supposed to have and he would be too full to receive treats. His fullness connected to his obedience using treats; He would not listen to our commands when using treats because he did not want the treats. We started a raw meat diet for him, which was one of the few suggestions Kerry had given us, and we saw a difference after about a week. His running seemed to be lighter than before and his body’s proper shape could be seen. He would also be hungry enough to want the treats we give him, which made training much easier.

Again, we are extremely grateful to Kerry and her guidance. Now we can all enjoy time with Ben while Ben himself is feeling good.

Thank you,

The Yoshidas


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