Is your dog not a swimmer, but you love lake life? Are you envious when you see people casually paddle boarding the river with their pup on board? Would you like to compete in the sport of dock diving?

If the answer is yes we have got the solution for you!

Flash Dog Training has central Oregon’s only indoor swimming pool for dogs!

Pool time can be added onto a boarding stay, daycare packages, and is available for use as its own service.
Our pool is available for you to rent, when this pandemic is over, on a case by case basis. We will ask you to answer a few questions about your dog before we would invite you to have them here on the property. Safety around the pool and safety in general is our number one priority.

Doggie Daycare Swim Camp:

Your dog gets dropped off for up to eight hours and will have a day full of play and pool fun. Your dog will get playtime with other dogs, some structured basic training, and of course, pool time!
The service is available at a daily rate or as a package.


If your summer goals are getting your dog on board to float with you this summer, we can help! This package is tailored specifically to getting your dog comfortable on a paddleboard. This is not an easy process. This is real training. This is not just something we fiddle around with or force the dog to do. Dogs may have underlying behavioral issues that may prevent them from having the confidence to learn how to paddleboard in a timely manner. If so, you will be contacted after your first day evaluation about the best approach for your dogs specific needs.
Your dog will learn the place command, which will then be generalized to all different surfaces including the paddleboard! If your dog does not know how to swim this is something that needs to be taught as well.

Dock Diving:

“Oh my dog loves the water this will be so easy for him.” We hear this all the time. The truth is just because your dog loves to swim at the lake, where the water is dark in color and the earth has a natural gradient into it, means little in terms of your dog being comfortable jumping off of a man-made platform into a pool of clear water. It’s completely unnatural, and most people are surprised how difficult it is for their dog to learn!
In this package we will take all the steps necessary by getting in the pool and coaching your dog at whatever confidence level they are starting at to be able to get you off of the dock and competing this summer! We teach the dog the ramp; knowing where the exit is. We teach them to swim, build toy drive, and eventually work on that jump! Dock diving is NOT for every dog. We will be completely transparent with you if we feel that this sport is not suitable for your dog. We can come up with other positive, confidence building training and activities for them to do if dock diving is not their calling.