We are getting so much out of him as he is both smart and well trained…

Our first Bernese Mountain Dog, Macduff, was a wonderful gentle giant from a puppy onwards. We thought that we knew the breed but when we got our new puppy, MacLeod – wow!! We realized that we did not. He stole anything that he could, surfed the counters, ate socks, chewed his way out of his wooden pen – three times! and just generally misbehaved. He was clearly very smart but would not obey any commands and simply pleased himself. We decided to send him to boot camp and turned to Kerry for help.When we got him back after three weeks he was much calmer and Kerry took us through the training and what to now expect of the dog. He would consistently obey basic commands, especially the most important one of all “Come!!” However he continued to be an opportunist thief and steal socks, dishcloths and absolutely anything edible that he could find when we were not looking.Kerry came to our home for a second training session but rather than do that we sat and talked about his behavior and the fact that we had to clean up virtually every morning as his food was clearly not agreeing with him.

Kerry recommended an electronic educator to correct his behaviour and suggested that we put him on a raw diet. She trained us and him with the new collar and showed us that it does not cause any pain to the dog, almost immediately his behaviour began to improve. Over the course of three months we have had to use this less and less and are at a point now where we don’t even have his collar on but just show him the handset and we have his attention.

The raw food diet has worked wonders. His stool has been solid for several months and there have been no more clean ups required.

So here he is at 10 months old, a lovely adorable animal. We are getting so much out of him as he is both smart and well trained.

Many thanks Kerry we are now so enjoying our puppy – we would never have got here without you!!

John & Linda Sievwright

Greenwich, Connecticut


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