With the tools that Kerry gave us, we now take her out and about all the time with the confidence that we are in control…

Our experience with Flash Dog Training has completely changed our lives. Up until Pepper went through 4 weeks of board and train with Kerry, we had lost hope in fixing some of her behavioral issues and we were actually changing our lives to cater to her instability. We were no longer going on hikes, taking her out in public, etc. because she simply could not handle herself around strangers, dogs, or people riding bicycles. Leading up to our decision to contact Kerry, we had tried extensive positive reinforcement training as well as rounds of different medications and nothing was working. After using balanced training with Kerry, it became clear to us that Pepper needed stronger leaders to guide her through life and the tools Kerry gave us enabled us to be that for her. We were finally able to effectively communicate with Pepper in a way where she actually listened to us as opposed to taking matters into her own hands.

Before Pepper’s board and train, the sight of a person riding a bicycle would cause her to completely shut down. She was so fearful that she would go into hiding and not even her favorite toys or the most delicious food could bring her out. While this issue is so severe that it will always be a work in progress, she can finally see a bike pass by with little to no reaction! Pepper’s extreme excitement and demanding attitude when seeing another dog used to be so uncontrollable that we would avoid hiking and taking her out into public. Now she can walk by other dogs (even ones that are reacting to her) will little to no reaction. Her fear of strangers has always been an issue for us because her reactions were so unpredictable that we wouldn’t dare take her out in public with the fear that she could react and we wouldn’t have any control of the situation. With the tools that Kerry gave us, we now take her out and about all the time with the confidence that we are in control. We are now finally able to proactively work on socializing Pepper with strangers without the fear that something could go terribly wrong.

All in all, Pepper’s training with Kerry has been worth every penny. Our only regret is that we wish we would have gone to her sooner.

Janna and Be
Erie, Colorado

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